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"Never cease to act

because you fear you may fail."



ʻO Ka Poʻe i Aloha I Ka ʻĀina – The People Who Love The Land

The Hawaii Pono’ï Coalition (the Coalition) was founded in 2007 to educate those who live in and visit Hawai‘i about its true history and the Native Hawaiian people. The Coalition takes its name from the title of the Hawai‘i National Anthem written by King Kalākaua in 1874.

Since its founding, the Coalition has presented several events and activities to educate residents and visitors about Hawaii’s true history, its people and native culture. The Coalition’s signature events are the annual ‘Onipa’a celebration honoring Queen Lili’uokalani as a leader of peace and justice, and the drama trilogy: Mai Poina: The Overthrow, The Annexation Debate and Trial of A Queen.

Our Story

The Hawaii Pono‘ī Coalition began with a series of meetings between leaders of Native Hawaiian serving organizations to respond to the continuous rhetoric seeking to characterize Native Hawaiians as a minority race and entitlements such as those afforded by OHA, DHHL, Kamehameha Schools, Alulike, and the Liliuokalani Trust as being racist. It’s first meeting was held on June 6, 2007, with presentations given by Jon Osorio and Ikaika Hussey on a possible “teach in” at Kamakakūokalani, identification of the Grassroots Institute leadership by Clyde Nāmuō, and the outline of an educational campaign presented by Ann Botticelli and Kaho‘onei Panoke. A first event was ‘Onipa‘a in September 2007, intended to be both an educational event and a commemoration of Liliuokalani’s birthday. 


The Coalition was founded during a time when the Kamehameha Schools right to give admissions priority to applicants with Native Hawaiian ancestry was being challenged, the Arakaki v Lingle case was pending in Federal Court, and the ceded lands case was wending its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Ann Botticelli, with the help of Kaho‘onei Panoke, took the lead as communications officer to move the event forward with this small group who eventually invited others. Financial support was provided by Kamehameha Schools, Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the Lili‘uokalani Trust.

Ka Poʻe I Aloha I Ka ʻĀina

Our community, events, and activities



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