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Hawaiian History Month 2020


Hawaiʻi Ponoʻī Coalition is proud to present the first ever Hawaiian History Month in 2020! In celebration of
Queen Liliʻuokalani's 182nd birthday, we are holding 5 (five) weeks of virtual events throughout the month of September. Join us every Wednesday at 9am, Friday at 6pm, and Saturday at 4pm.

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Empower The Palace

As part of the Hawai‘i Pono‘ī Coalition’s first annual Hawaiian History Month, we have launched a special Empower the Palace fundraising effort to support The Friends of Iolani Palace.

Watch Past Programs

Week 1 - Hauʻoli Lā Hānau e Liliʻuokalani

Wednesday, 9/2/20

9:00am HST

Hauʻoli Lā Hānau e Liliʻuokalani

Join us in our virtual event from the ʻIolani Palace as we celebrate our Queen Liliʻuokalani on her beloved birthday.  We honor her with mele, oli, an interfaith service with kahu from around the islands sharing their heartfelt manaʻo, and special readings from the Queen’s Diary.  Queen Liliʻuokalani continues to uplift and inspire us to Onipaʻa. Celebrate with us in mele, oli, birthday cake, and well wishes to share your aloha with our Queen.

Co-hosts: Meleanna Meyer, Malia Nobrega-Olivera
Participants: Hanalei Marzan, Kawika Mersberg, Paula Akana, Malia Kaʻai-Barrett, Marlene Sai, Kuʻuipo Kumukahi, Kapua Kalua, and Sydney Iaukea

Friday, 9/4/20

6:00pm HST

Onipaʻa: A Documentary Film of the Centennial Observance of the Overthrow

Where were you on January 17, 1993?  Onipa’a, the documentary film, conveys the somberness of the 100-year Observance of the Overthrow 27 years ago.Twenty thousand people gathered. 5 days of programs —5 film crews, innumerable interviews  Remarkable in scope and range; moving events —a street play, concerts, readings, speeches, music, vigils, marches and much more. Luminaries from the Hawaiian community, captured on video, who are no longer with us today,  Common folk, politicians, warriors, musicians, all kanaka Aloha ‘Āina—lovers of the land, of their Hawaiʻi.


Join us for our LIVE watch party of this documentary.  After the film, David Kalama of Kalama Productions and Joan Lander of Nā Maka o Ka ʻĀina will join Meleanna Meyer and Malia Nobrega-Olivera in a LIVE discussion about the importance of preserving Hawaiian History through telling our stories in film.

Saturday, 9/5/20

4:00pm HST

Hawaiian History:

The Past, Present, and Future Moʻolelo

Established in 2007, Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge is Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian StudiesKawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian LanguageKa Papa Lo‘i O Kānewai Cultural GardenNative Hawaiian Student Services, and the Dean’s Office. Hawai‘inuiākea is the only college of indigenous knowledge in a Research I institution in the United States.


Inspired by the Queen who lived a life of service and leadership, Hawaiʻinuiākea is committed to empower our students by learning the moʻolelo Hawaiʻi of the past, document the moʻolelo of the present, and galvanize actions that benefit the future of our community.

Presenters: Jon Kamakawiwoʻole Osorio, Kekuewa Kikiloi, Makahiapo Cashman, Keawe Lopes, and Willy Kauaʻi.

Week 2 - Haʻi Moʻolelo: From Page to Stage

Resources from the Mai Poina Walking Tours

Mai Poina Annexation.jpg
Mai Poina Overthrow.jpg
Mai Poina Trial of a Queen.jpg

Wednesday, 9/9/20

9:00am HST

The Overthrow Mo‘olelo:

Actors in Their Own Words

Meet local actors who have each performed in Mai Poina: The Overthrow for multiple years.

Mai Poina: The Overthrow was developed as a walking tour written by local playwright Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl -- a shorter, more concise version of a living history pageant entitled January 1893 that depicted the events that led to the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.   Recreating four pivital days in history, the tours present dramatic interpretations of history at six stations at and around the ‘Iolani Palace. For more information, click here.

Presenters: Moanililia Miller, John Wat, Lisa Ann Katagiri Bright, Charles Timtim, Kiana Rivera, Craig Howes, Shiro Kawai

Moderated by Sammie Choy

Friday, 9/11/20

6:00pm HST

Ho‘oulu Lāhui
by Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

LIVE reading by master story-teller Nyla Fujii-Babb, this work, a short story of speculative fiction explores the personal costs of a novel way of restoring the lāhui. The story includes scientific manipulation, governmental deception, and how individuals may heal and resolve trauma: I ka wā ma mua, I ka wā ma hope.

Saturday, 9/12/20

4:00pm HST

Haku Hana Keaka:
The Creators of Hawaiian Theater

A live webinar hosted by Dr. Pua Warren. Celebrated Hawaiian playwrights Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl and Dr. Haili‘opua Baker will speak about their theatrical development and practice. 

Week 3 - Hoʻōla

This week will highlight Hawaiian well-being by celebrating successes and lessons from our history, demonstrating how we’ve protectively carried our traditions into the present, and underscoring the importance of pilina, inter-connectedness, among body, spirit, na‘au and ‘āina.

Mahalo to our Health partners- Papa Ola Lōkahi, ‘Ahahui o nā Kauka, Association of Native Hawaiian Physicians, and Department of Native Hawaiian Health at the UH John A. Burns School of Medicine

hawaiian-health-time-line-and-events (1)
ka hae hawaii.gif
Community Voices_Fall 2018_Traditional H

Wednesday, 9/16/20

9:00am HST

History of Hawaiian Health

Join us for two consecutive presentations on the "History of Hawaiian Health."


9am- "Human Anatomy, Hawaiian Culture, and Links to Hawaiʻi's History" by Dr. Benjamin B.C. Young


10:30am- "No Nā ‘Ano Wai ‘Ele‘ele a ka Po‘e ‘Ike" by Kahikinaokalā Domingo and Saige Leikuluwaimaka Meleiseā.  A compilation of health related concepts from Hawaiian dictionaries and Hawaiian language resources.

Co-hosts: Dr. Martina L. Kamaka and Momi Tolentino

Friday, 9/18/20

6:00pm HST



Tune in for two panel discussions on "ʻIke Kūpuna - Hawaiian Healing Traditions".


6pm- "Hawaiian Spirituality and Practice" with Malina Kaulukukui, Ikaika Dombrigues, Babette Galang, and Sean Chun. This panel of kupuna practitioners will share the foundation of healing traditions taught by their kumu.


7pm- "Hoʻōla: Perpetuating the Traditions of our Kupuna" with Kamaka Jingao, Kapono Souza, and Puni Jackson. These young practitioners will describe how they are able to perpetuate the teachings of their kupuna in modern times.

Moderated by Kim Kuʻulei Bernie and Momi Tolentino.

Saturday, 9/19/20

4:00pm HST

ʻĀina Momona

Our food connects us to our gods, to our ancestors, to who we are as kānaka. These presenters emphasize our ancestral connection between ‘āina and ola, and how they are able to adapt those values to modern times.


Experience this program on "ʻĀina Momona".

4pm- Watch a film screening of "Seasons of Hāloa"

4:25pm- "ʻAi Pono, Ola Pono" a presentation by Herbert Hoe and Claire Hughes. Moderated by Kim Kuʻulei Birnie.

5:30pm- "‘Āina Momona ~ Our ‘Āina Provides" with Eric Enos, Dean Wilhelm, Ka‘iulani Odom, and Hanale Bishop.  Moderated by Dr. Martina L. Kamaka.

Week 4 - Mele Lāhui

Aliʻi as well as Makaʻāinana. . . . keiki through kupuna.  Our lāhui has always perpetuated their own huakaʻi through mele and have embraced musical influences from abroad.  We will include both sacred and secular mele as well as solo, ensemble, choral, opera and oratorio as we tell our stories.  What amazing moʻolelo we have to share with you and your ʻohana from our lāhui!

Mahalo to our Mele partner- Hawaiʻi Youth Opera Chorus, Nola Nahulu

He Mele Lāhui Hawai‘i.jpg
he mele lahui hawaii-pic.jpg
Ahe Lau Makani.jpg

Score for

Ahe Lau Makani

Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 5.33.00 PM.png

Wednesday, 9/23/20

9:00am HST

Ma o nā keiki, e mau ai

ka ʻike kuʻuna o ka lāhui

We will revisit our Centennial Celebration of HRM Lili’uokalani’s life through the 2017 Concert at Kawaiaha’o Church featuring her mele and hula.

Friday, 9/25/20

6:00pm HST

Imua Kakou

We grow into the 21 st Century with symphonic music celebrating our Queen’s composition with the newly formed MANA HAWAI’I STRING QUARTET and a Symphony composed for the travels of Hokule’a “RAISING HAWA’IKI” by Michael-Thomas Foumai.

Saturday, 9/26/20

4:00pm HST

No nā Pua

We Journey with Musicians Kilin Reece, Aaron Mahi & Herb Mahelona as they TALK STORY about their travels through our Hawaiian compositions and how our Kanaka Maoli has always embraced our World! We will explore the Sovereign Strings and Western musical forms of opera as well as oratorio through the eyes of our Kanaka Maoli.

Week 5 - Aloha ʻĀina: From Voice to Action

Wednesday, 9/30/20

11:00am HST

Aloha ʻĀina: From Voice to Action

Kū Haʻaheo e Kuʻu Hawaiʻi," the galvanizing mele aloha ʻāina of our time, has reached over one million aloha ʻāina around the world. The iconic music video, featuring some of Hawaiʻi's most celebrated artists in 2019, contributed to a larger kāhea, calling our lāhui to unify in aloha ʻāina. A year later, join us for the premiere of "Kū Haʻaheo: Pae ʻĀina Hawaiʻi", a new music video by Hawaiʻi Ponoʻī Coalition and ʻŌiwiTV, commemorating the collective response of our lāhui aloha ʻāina.


11:00am - a panel discussion on the 2019 music video and call to action: “Kū Haʻaheo e Kuʻu Hawaiʻi“, with Hinaleimoana Wong Kalu, Chad Takatsugi, Nāʻālehu Anthony, Zachary Lum, and Del Beazley


12:00pm - the premiere of "Kū Haʻaheo: Pae ʻĀina Hawaiʻi"

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